About Us

We are the local grassroots organization for the Republican Party in Naperville Township. We focus on community-level issues and downballot races, such as municipal, township, and school board positions, to ensure that our residents are being properly served by their elected officials. NTRO values include building a diverse network of members, providing accurate information on upcoming elections, scheduling accessible networking events between everyday people and their leaders, and supporting a variety of conservative causes.

Our mission is to inform and mobilize citizens at the local level, providing a great opportunity for people to get actively involved with their neighbors and fellow residents throughout the Township. Naperville Township is located in the southwest corner of DuPage County and includes parts of Naperville, Aurora, Warrenville and Eola.

As Naperville Township continues to grow, we want to encourage more voters to join our team. NTRO currently consists of 97 precinct committeemen and thousands of residents who are friends to NTRO. We believe in a community that is tough on crime with wonderful parks and schools. If you want to keep our community the best place to live and raise a family, we welcome you to join our team. Please contact us today.